Gui and his friends

Published on December 16, 2021


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Jul 17, 2022 at 01:27 PM Payton Tosari
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Mar 7, 2022 at 01:58 AM AYUSH
Tulio Xavier is a hot guy who love and enjoy sucking off horse hung Gui Silva.
Mar 7, 2022 at 01:54 AM Patric
DYOGO BAIANO is 1 of the hottest Brazilian dudes, this guy is really horse hung, his uncut cock is enormous. Gui Silva is a goodlooking with facial beard makes such a hot guy, who got fucked bareback by Dyogo. Gui Silva is a hot bottom with a hot smooth chest and perky nipples.. Mundomais bring all 3 hot men back on stage soon again !


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Gui and Tulio talk about their sexual experiences while washing the dishes. Tulio tells his friend of what happened with the guest at Lucas Hotel, where he works. He tells him all the details, from the writing on his wardrobe to the money he received. Gui does the same and tells how he suffered with every inch of the newbie and hung Dyogo.

Aroused with each other´s experiences they have sex in the kitchen.

In the Amateur section Gutto and BC fuck bareback among the rocks on a beach.


Dec 19, 2021

Lucas Hotel

In the first scene, Lucas and Kako fuck bareback. Then there is a group sex with four actors.

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Maverson & Mauricio

The chemistry between them was simply perfect. Mauricio has come from the amateur section.

Dec 26, 2021

Celebrating Christmas

Four friends get together to play Secret Santa, but at the end they all fucked each other.

Dec 30, 2021

Saying Goodbye

Artur and Dieguinho fuck before the end of the year.

Jan 2, 2022

Video Call

Bareback group sex with Magno, Miguel and newbie Nego Lu, 38 y/o, from Rio de Janeiro.

Jan 9, 2022


Four friends go for a walk in the woods and end up fucking. Two of them are newbies.


Sep 23, 2022

From Maranhao to Rio

Leo Pimenta is 21 years old, versatile, has a 21cm cock and lives in Rio de Janeiro

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Massive cumshot on mouth

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Sep 16, 2022

Fucking with a friend

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Will Safado is 22 years old, top, has a 17cm cock and lives in Bauru

Sep 9, 2022

Talking dirty

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Sep 6, 2022

Hung guy cumming a lot

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