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Director's Cut

Plinio is shooting the scene when Erivaldo starts asking him to join. He then fucks everyone.

38 min 22K

One of the best scenes of the year. Gabriel Eron and Felipe make a double penetration on Patrick.

34 min 35K
Farm Men 3

PH sees his friend Diego taking a piss and is amazed by how big his cock is. They go to the bushes.

31 min 42K
Locker Room Stories 6

Two scenes and two new actors. First, the cops Lucas and Wilson. Then, hung Rogerio fucks Lucas.

29 min 32K
Waiting Room 3

They always find a way to hook up while waiting for their scene. Marrom Dotado is the new actor.

29 min 28K
Friends with benefits

They have been friends for a long time, but when single, they love having sex with each other.

36 min 30K
Behind the scenes

Heitor was supposed to help as the fluffer, but the chemistry was so good that we let it happen.

28 min 26K
One at a time

Five cumshots, nice creampies, lots of sex. One of the best scenes of the year. New actor: Ronald.

30 min 34K
Hyuri Maia & Breno Reis

Hyuri and Breno have just met and they wake up for the first time together with a nice fuck.

27 min 29K
Bob, Will & Felipe XXL

Highlight of the scene is the new actor Will, 29, from Mato Grosso. He fucked the two other guys.

27 min 35K

Three scenes with these young, hung, hot, slim and very horny boys. Our twinks put on a dirty show.

39 min 40K
Hung Perseu with Erick & Tomas

The highlight of this scene is Perseu getting his ass nicely licked. He fucks with Erick and Tomas.

23 min 39K
The Guard 11

Lucao is the guard who knows that everyone loves a uniform. He does everything on these two scenes.

37 min 37K
The furniture assemblers

Kadu and Paulo are furniture assemblers. When they notice that Bruno is gay, they try to make money.

22 min 36K
Deel Black, Luan & Catrinque

The chemistry of these guys was perfect. There was even a creampie inside Deel Black.

31 min 31K
Hairy men

We put together four of the nastiest and hot guys. They are all more or less in the bear category.

30 min 40K
Uncle Rick

Victor comes to the big city to spend a few days with his uncle Rick. They make a nice flip-flop.

28 min 52K

Rogerio gets the job and fucks his boss. He has a big cock and showed Greg what he is capable of.

25 min 44K
The married guy

Johnny meets the married guy Gabriel and they fuck. Nice cumshot from Gabriel at the end.

34 min 56K
Heitor, PH & Rodrigo

Threesome with nasty boys who love to fuck. Heitor Guerra is back after three years.

24 min 40K
Deco & Gabe

Gabe hires a bike driver to take him home. He invites the biker to come upstairs and they fuck.

25 min 35K
Hung friends

Three hung friends love going to a secret place on 6th Street to have sex. Breno is a new actor.

29 min 37K
Waiting Room 2

Theo meets Anthony in the waiting room and gets a nice lesson on how to fuck in front of the camera.

22 min 35K
Tulio Hernandez & friends

The highlight of this scene is Felipe riding Tulio's cock and cumming without touching himself.

33 min 38K
Neighbor with big hands

Will and Victor moved in recently and have been keeping an eye on the neighbor who has big hands.

21 min 50K
Mall Security

Jerri has lost his phone and goes to the security room. What he finds is a cock to suck and sit on.

30 min 46K
Kaike, Gilmar & Jhon

One of the best scenes. Kaike is really nasty. He cums with a cock up his ass and loves pissing.

29 min 40K
Caio & Henrique

Caio went crazy when he found out that Martins never bottomed properly. He fucked as an alpha male.

15 min 43K
I wanna get fucked

Wall painters get horny when they begin talking dirty at work and they fuck right there.

37 min 37K
Waiting Room

They meet in the waiting room before shooting and fuck right there. Gilmar is 27, from Campinas.

22 min 33K
Lincoln & Guilherme

After selling ice cream, Lincoln goes to the public restroom where Guilherme meets him.

24 min 49K
The Fight

The scene with Giovani and noobies Luan and Irving was going fine until a fight broke up in the set.

42 min 50K
Erick & Plinio

Rick Verissimo is from Belo Horizonte, 35. He gave Plinio a nice blowjob and then got fucked.

19 min 64K
Bob & Guto

Guto and Bob make a nice flip-flop. They are hung and at the end, gave each other massive cumshots.

31 min 35K
Becker & Garcia

They meet in a public restroom and then go to an apartment to fuck the whole afternoon.

22 min 40K
Carnival Stories

Friends get together to talk about their sex stories during Carnival and then fuck onte another.

33 min 53K
The Plumber 5

The plumber finds a lube gel in a drawer and realises that his client likes fucking other men.

23 min 47K
Drunk uncle Matheus

Uncle Matheus got home drunk and Leonan took good care of him. Then he fucked with Catrinque.

27 min 46K
Public Restroom during Carnival

Eight guys have fun in a public restroom during Carnival. Two new actors. Amazing cumshots.

45 min 66K
Perseu & Nicolas

Perseu gets his ass licked and then fucks Nicolas with his massive cock. Contains preview scene.

24 min 36K
Kaike, XXL & Malvadao

Kaike, Malvadao and Felipe XXL fuck one another before going out to have fun during Carnival.

21 min 42K
Nasty Janitors

Luiz and Caio are janitors in a public restroom. They make a nice flip-flop after working hard.

22 min 40K
Four Friends

Gilzao and Lucao are roommates and they always take their affairs home to share with each other.

30 min 52K
Taking Viagra by accident

Rafael had a headache and asked for medicine. He took the first pill he found, but it was Viagra.

23 min 43K
Sex, wine & good stories

Three friends meet every month to drink wine, chat and tell sexy stories.

37 min 51K
Men in Suits 6

Tulio Hernandez is interviewing the new candidate Ali Saad and they end up fucking at the office.

27 min 40K
Lucas, Dinho & Jhon

Friends also fuck. Lucas, Jhon and Dinho did not meet for a long time and now they fuck for good.

29 min 54K
New Year, New Home

Nicolas and Agusto are moving to a new apartment. These two handsome and hot guys make a flip-flop.

34 min 39K
The Sex Corner

Three scenes to begin the new year. Maverson, Ricardo, Gabriel and Joker are hot and nasty boys.

32 min 42K
New Year's Fuck

This scene is special because Kaike is back after more than 10 years. He fucks with Valter and Guto.

47 min 64K
Yuri and the cameraman

Yuri is only 19. He was very nervous and to get relaxed, he fucked with the cameraman.

18 min 40K
Christmas among friends

Ricardinho fucks Erivaldo. Then James arrives to do a nice flip-flop with Erivaldo.

33 min 44K
The Realtor 3

First JG gets his feet licked and his ass fucked by Caio. Then a threesome with a gay couple.

34 min 56K
Maintenance Workers 8

Two scenes. First Renan fucks Rogerio. Then a threesome with Renan, Guilherme and Thiago.

31 min 40K
The Barbecue 4

Giovani is making a barbecue and invites Guilherme, Luiggi, PH and hung Big Marcos for a group sex.

35 min 56K
Sergio & Matheus

Matheus Lince is from Sao Paulo, 22 y/o. Sergio gave him a lesson about how to fuck.

21 min 36K
Bob & Junior

Bob William finally bottoms for Junior Felix. Of course he also fucks Junior and cums twice.

31 min 32K

Awesome scene with Tulio, Peach, Kadu and fluffer Black D. Then watch the backstage footages.

52 min 69K
Thieves in the dark room

Rogerio fucks Daniel Carioca inside a dark room. Plinio fucks Erivaldo and cums inside the boy.

29 min 61K
Black Foursome