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Luka Valente

He is from Sao Paulo, 28 y/o and sucked Plinio during the photo shoot. He loves to suck a dick.

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Erick Guerra

Erick is 22 and was born in Fortaleza. In the second video he sucks a huge cock and then jerks off.

10 min 43K

Jorginho is from Recife, 22, hung and handsome. Behind the scenes, he gets a blowjob from Giovani.

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Wolf & Dominic

Wolf is now 34 and to celebrate, we have brought Dominic, who was away for more than six years.

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Truck Driver

PC is 33 years old and truck driver. He made this oral scene with Lenin.

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Carmona, Rafael & Giovani

These three guys are hung, hot and nasty. They suck one another and give us massive cumshots.

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Daniel Carioca & Yago Mendes

This scene with Yago and Daniel was intense. They suck each other and Yago had a massive cumshot.

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Jose & Fernandinho

Jose promised to give Fernandinho the best blowjob of his life and also licked his ass.

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Gilzao and Miguel

They are manly and muscular guys. Gilzao is from Belem and Miguel is from Salvador.

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Guilherme & Icaro Paraense

Oral sex scene with Guilherme and Icaro, who is from Para, North of Brazil.

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Lobo & Danilo

Bareback sex. Jean Lobo is 37 from the state of Maranhao. Danilo is 40.

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Brendo & Reyzinho

Reyzinho is from Rio de Janeiro, 23 y/o and comes from the Amateur section. Brendo is 26 y/o.

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Hairy Guys

Threesome with hairy guys. Cesar is from Fortaleza and Judoca from Sao Paulo. They're newbies.

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Jose & Juan Sena

Our veteran actor from the state of Ceara is back. He and Juan Sena suck each other's cocks.

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Blowjob on the stairs

Ricardo is smoking a cigarette on the stairs and meets Heitor, who gives him a blowjob right there.

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Fernandinho & Anthony

You asked and we bring you Fernandinho. He gets a blowjob from Anthony.

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Perseu & Kalvin

They were supposed to jerk off together, but Kalvin did not resist when he saw that big cock.

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Daniel & Vagner

Daniel was shaving his balls when a little accident happened. He calls his friend Vagner for help.

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Greg & Wolf

Diego strips to take a shower and Greg cannot get hold of himself. He sucks his friend right there.

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Vagner Marinho

He is 28 y/o, big and muscular. During the photo shoot he got help from fluffer Kalvin.

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Heitor Guerra

He is 27 years old, was born in Belem, north of Brazil. He is hung and gave a massive cumshot.

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Fetishes with Pitbull

Dodo Pitbull wears a dog mask and gets his ass licked by Fabio. They also talk about their fetishes.

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Rafael Boltt & Marcelo

Rafael Boltt became famous here because of his massive cumshot and today he jerks off with a friend.

12 min 67K

He lives in Rio de Janeiro, is 25 years old and a sexy hoarse voice.

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Mighel Alencar

Mighel was born in the state of Bahia and is 21 years old.

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Lorenzo Baiano

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Gilzao & Mike

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Apolo & Iago

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Three Newbies

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Caju & Diego Moreno

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Saad & Gilzao

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Fred & Ricardo

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Daniel & Hung Cesar

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Ze & Henrique

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Saad & PH

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Dieguinho & Tito

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Lucas, Artur & Brendo

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Caio & Iago

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Fernando & Robson

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Pedro & Breno

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Johnny & Ze

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Giovani & Igor

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Ronny & Pietro

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Filipe & Bruno

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Fabricio & Johnny

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Fabricio & Breno

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Robson & Fred

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Dieguinho, Davi & Arthur

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Gustavo & Jose

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Yuri Baiano & Hung Leo

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Arthur & Ze

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Tiago & Ygor

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Public Toilet 5

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Public Toilet 4

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Public Toilet 3

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Public Toilet 1

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Marcelo & Luc

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Dru & Brian