Room for couple (w/o kids)

Published on April 16, 2023


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Jun 30, 2024 at 08:49 PM AYUSH
Very hot video with those 3 gorgeous guys. Gustavo SA and James Vilar have such hot male bodies. Like their perky and sensitive nipples and of course a huge uncut banana cock. LENIN is also a horse hung guy who has such a huge uncut banana cock too and a hot tattoed male body. Very hot cock sucking to watch Gustavo suck that huge cock of Lenin and fucking him very hard too bareback. Hope to see those 3 hot guys soon back on stage in a next video
Apr 17, 2023 at 07:41 AM Ckc
Three guys with natural body hair flip -flopping - very hot. More please !
Apr 16, 2023 at 06:23 AM Wayne
I love Lenin! Would like to see him cum while getting fucked! Please


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Lenin is a landlord who rents rooms in a building. A gay couple is moving in and he begins to have fantasies with his tenants.

Gustavo Sa is from Sao Paulo, 40 y/o and this is his first scene.


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