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The Guard 11

Lucao is the guard who knows that everyone loves a uniform. He does everything on these two scenes.

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The Plumber 5

The plumber finds a lube gel in a drawer and realises that his client likes fucking other men.

23 min 46K
Tavern Farm (Memories)

Actors of all previous episodes get together to remember the old days and have a lot of sex.

79 min 59K
Annual Meeting 2023

Our celebration of 15 years has just began with a group sex scene with macho bears.

42 min 71K
The Realtor 2

Realtor J. G. is showing an apartment to his client James when the conversation twists to sex.

30 min 56K
Father's Meeting 2

Fathers find out that their boys are having sex instead of studying, but they do the same thing.

36 min 82K
A truck driver's story

PC is a truck driver and he tells us his love story with Rodrigo, an escort boy.

42 min 83K
Foursome with the newbies

Three of April's new actors come back in this foursome with Romulo Ferrari.

36 min 51K
Bear Threesome

PC is a truck driver, Kassim is a mechanic and Captain Jack is a tire repairman. They fuck bareback.

28 min 79K
Captain Jack & Gilzao

Jack is a tire repairman, 24 y/o and was born in Rio de Janeiro. He fucks bareback with Gilzao.

14 min 63K
Truck Driver

PC is 33 years old and truck driver. He made this oral scene with Lenin.

38 min 98K
Diego, Gabriel & Caio

Caio Vermont is bottom, Diego is top and newbie Gabriel Troiano is versatile.

23 min 53K
The Meeting 2

Four guys are in a meeting when one of them begins to have fantasies about a foursome.

33 min 89K
Truck Drivers

Two truck drivers meet in a restroom, talk a little, drink a beer and finally go to a motel.

23 min 87K
Sanches Couple

They are married in real life. Ivan is 31 and Gian is 40. Diego Wolf participated behind the scenes.

40 min 70K
Group sex at work

Bareback group sex with three veterans and a newbie. They all have normal bodies and love to fuck.

32 min 68K
Lincoln, Guto & Ric

Two scenes. One with the return of Lincoln and the other with the international porn star Ric.

37 min 115K
Only Black Guys

Threesome with Marcelo, Alex and Junio. In a second scene, Marcelo fucks Leo Franca.

54 min 86K
Tavern Farm

Diego fucks Daniel Carioca. Perseu fucks Diego and Romulo. These are the stories of the Tavern Farm.

76 min 131K
Security Guard (part 1)

Diego is teaching his cousin how to be a security guard and they fuck in the monitoring room.

24 min 78K
Stone of Wishes (Epilogue)

Diego wishes that his friend Kadu be loved back by the guy he is in love with.

19 min 63K
The Brunos

They are from the state of Minas Gerais. Bruno Gabriel is the newbie, 26 years old.

25 min 88K
The Stone of Wishes 1

A stone that makes wishes come true, five boys, open air scenes and a lot of sex.

43 min 116K
Secrets (Final Episode)

Luiz reveals that he was sucked by a guy in a public restroom once. He and his friend end up fucking

26 min 69K
Secrets 2

Luiz found out that his son is gay and Romulo tells him that he has had sex with another guy too.

22 min 77K
More Sex in 2020

Four friends get together to wish one another more sex. They fuck and suck one another.

22 min 92K
Teaching the Newbie

Bruno is the newbie. He is from Belo Horizonte and gets tips from Artur and Romulo

33 min 117K
The Toy II (Episode 3)

47 min 129K
The Toy II (Episode 1)

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Johnny & Brendo

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Johnny & Henrique

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Johnny & Ze

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Dalton & Patrick

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Ricardinho & Cayo

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Auditions 3 (Part 2)

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Auditions 3 (Part 1)

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Pedro Barbudinho & Andre

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Ricardinho & Brunao

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Ricardinho & Miguel

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Peter & Jonas

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Ricardinho & Pedro

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Ricardinho Baiano

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After the Club

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Jonas & Lucas

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Jean Pierre & Pedro

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Pedro & Jose

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Vacation is over

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Boys from 6th Street

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Diego & Felipe

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Anoar Pit