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Nasty Janitors

Luiz and Caio are janitors in a public restroom. They make a nice flip-flop after working hard.

22 min 39K
The Realtor

Greg has just sold an apartment to Joao Marcelo. After the deal, he is topped by his client.

32 min 67K
Bruno Goes

He was born in Sao Paulo, is 44 y/o, likes swimming and going to the gym. He also made a solo video.

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Group sex at work

Bareback group sex with three veterans and a newbie. They all have normal bodies and love to fuck.

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Maintenance Workers 4

Greg, the boss, is upset about his employees having sex at work and decides to teach them a lesson.

34 min 92K
Lobo & Danilo

Bareback sex. Jean Lobo is 37 from the state of Maranhao. Danilo is 40.

27 min 67K
Only Black Guys

Threesome with Marcelo, Alex and Junio. In a second scene, Marcelo fucks Leo Franca.

54 min 85K
The Auction

This special movie contains seven scenes, eight actors and two hours of duration.

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Guto, Gilzao, Ricardo & Uncle Breno

Ricardo, Gilzao and Tio Breno fuck Guto bareback. When Guto wakes up, Gilzao fucks him again.

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Greg & Wolf

Diego strips to take a shower and Greg cannot get hold of himself. He sucks his friend right there.

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Perseu Dotado

He is from Rio de Janeiro, 35 y/o and has a big cock. He is thinking about making gay movies.

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Greg Gobatto

Greg is 44 years old and loves to play soccer. He always wanted to be a porn star.

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Tio Breno & JC

Tio Breno is back full of energy and this time he fucks Jota Ce bareback.

21 min 117K

Uncle Breno introduced him to us. They are cousins. Ricardo is from Sao Paulo, 35 yrs old and hung.

12 min 51K
Secrets (Final Episode)

Luiz reveals that he was sucked by a guy in a public restroom once. He and his friend end up fucking

26 min 69K
Secrets 2

Luiz found out that his son is gay and Romulo tells him that he has had sex with another guy too.

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Joao Marcelo

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The Toy 1 (Episode 3)

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Moreworld Building 3

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Pedro Andreas

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Nando & Pedro Andreas

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Pedro Andreas

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Luiz & Murilo

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After the Club

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Jonas & Italo

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Four Friends 2

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Luiz Motoboy

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Tio Breno

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Carlao Bazuca

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