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Felipe Mineiro

Felipe is 24, was born in Minas Gerais and now lives in Rio. He is 1.71m tall and weighs 75kg.

15 min 27K
Luan Vetin

Luan is 25 and was born in Sao Paulo. He is 1.72m tall, weighs 70kg and has a big and fat cock.

16 min 34K
Black Foursome

Black foursome only with hung guys. The two noobies are: Guto Pretin and Gabriel Paxxeco.

40 min 45K
Horny Masons

Four masons are isolated for months during the construction of a cabin in the middle of the woods.

37 min 57K
Tavern Farm (Memories)

Actors of all previous episodes get together to remember the old days and have a lot of sex.

79 min 57K
Farm Men 2

Three scenes. Deco recalls his adventures behind the bushes with Rodrigues and Paulo Henrique.

38 min 60K
Ali Saad

Ali Saad is 35, 1.77m tall and 85kg. He is from Sao Paulo, loves to work out and has a thick cock.

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Maverson & Felipinho

Maverson and Felipe find a quiet place to fuck outdoors. They flip-flop bareback.

21 min 56K
A truck driver's story

PC is a truck driver and he tells us his love story with Rodrigo, an escort boy.

42 min 81K
In the Woods

Three scenes in the woods. Five boys go for a ride looking for sex in an isolated park.

41 min 90K
Trekking 2

Two friends are trekking in the woods and find two other guys fucking. They join on a foursome.

35 min 61K
Gilzao & Marciel

Marciel is running on a Sunday morning when he meets Gilzao. They go to the woods to fuck.

20 min 68K
Magno and the Mechanics

Magno has a problem with his car. Two mechanics come by, fix the car and fuck him.

23 min 81K
Truck Driver

PC is 33 years old and truck driver. He made this oral scene with Lenin.

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Guino & Kaio Anjo

Guino made a photo shoot last month. Kaio is 32 and lives in Rio. This is their first scene.

23 min 54K

He was born in the Northeast of Brazil and now lives in Sao Paulo. Our Uber gave him a little help.

10 min 50K
Mago, Bruno & Tom

It's summer and three friends rent a house with a pool in the countryside to fuck under the sun

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Black Boys

Four black boys fuck by the pool under the heat of the Summer. Big cocks and nice cumshots.

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Tavern Farm 3

In a farm in the countryside, the lives of two farm workers come together in a beautiful love story.

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Bruno & Ramon

The 14th anniversary of MundoMais begins with a photo shoot of Bruno, 42, and Ramon, 30.

13 min 89K
On Fire

Three friends set a fire pit to get warm and end up fucking right there bareback.

20 min 52K
Daniel Carioca & Magno

Daniel Carioca and Magno Moreno go for a motorcycle ride to an abandoned house to fuck bareback.

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Lukas Caicara

Lukas is 24 and lives in Sao Paulo. After the photo shoot, he jerks off and cums for you.

11 min 53K

Marreta lives in Rio de Janeiro and is 39. He is back to show everything this time.

7 min 78K
Perseu Dotado & Caio Ferraz

Caio Ferraz doesn't resist when he sees his friend Perseu taking a piss on the wall.

26 min 60K
Pietro Salles

He is from Rio de Janeiro, 25 y/o, hung and works in the Navy. Photo shoot with videos.

9 min 101K
Henry & Thomas in the park

Henry takes his partner Thomas to a nice and quiet place. They fuck with nature all around.

33 min 52K
Mayrom & Davi Lobo

Davi and hung Mayrom fuck bareback by the pool. Mayrom was rimmed and loved it.

30 min 59K

Four friends go for a walk in the woods and end up fucking. Two of them are newbies.

39 min 69K
Sunday with six blacks

Six black guys full of testosterone fuck bareback in a house in the countryside. Two are newbies.

29 min 76K
Bareback Threesome

David is back after a year and a half in this threesome with Junior and Derick.

28 min 66K
Magno & Lucao

Perfect bareback scene with Magno and newbie Lucao, 22 y/o and soccer player from Sao Paulo.

25 min 92K
The Interview

Three scenes with Artur. He fucks bareback with Viktor Rom, Mayrom and finally with Diego Moreno.

45 min 70K
Kadu Machado

Kadu Machado is 31, he is now more hairy and this is his new photo shoot.

10 min 75K
Gilzao the fisherman

Two bareback scenes with Gizao. He fucks Bruno Martinez by the lake and then Kadu Ventri.

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Threesome by the pool

The hung boys Mayron and Renan fuck Vincezzo by the pool. It is summertime in MundoMais.

36 min 83K

Two soldiers are alone in a special mission in the jungle. They end up becoming more than friends.

54 min 105K
Camping (2020)

Artur in back to the Camping of the Clown with his boyfriend Vagner. Strange things happen again.

35 min 91K
Tavern Farm

Diego fucks Daniel Carioca. Perseu fucks Diego and Romulo. These are the stories of the Tavern Farm.

76 min 131K
The Stone of Wishes 1

A stone that makes wishes come true, five boys, open air scenes and a lot of sex.

43 min 116K
Breno, Daniel and Louis

Daniel Carioca and Breno are at the pool and get horny right when Louis arrives.

40 min 186K
Summer Rain

Gilzao fucks Artur bareback under a heavy summer rain. Spectacular cumshot at the end.

21 min 112K
Gilzao & Gustavo

Gilzao is from the North of Brazil, has a sexy accent and a fat cock that only Gustavo could handle.

34 min 146K

This November we celebrate 11 years online and decided to bring 11 black guys together.

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Auditions: Enrico

18 min 60K
Blake: The Brothers

12 min 117K
Summer in the pool

34 min 170K
Karl & Fernando

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The Mechanic

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The Trip

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The Guard 2

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Scary Camping 3

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Scary Camping 1

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Iago & Douglas