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Kaike, Gilmar & Jhon

One of the best scenes. Kaike is really nasty. He cums with a cock up his ass and loves pissing.

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Caio & Henrique

Caio went crazy when he found out that Martins never bottomed properly. He fucked as an alpha male.

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Felipe Mineiro

Felipe is 24, was born in Minas Gerais and now lives in Rio. He is 1.71m tall and weighs 75kg.

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Public Restroom during Carnival

Eight guys have fun in a public restroom during Carnival. Two new actors. Amazing cumshots.

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Horny Masons

Four masons are isolated for months during the construction of a cabin in the middle of the woods.

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Lucas Soldier & Ali Saad

Photo shoot and sex scene. Lucas Soldier and Ali Saad fucked and at the end came at the same time.

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Fake Blind

Two scenes. First, Henrique fucks Luciano. Then the criminal guy Rodrigo also fucks Luciano.

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Caio Negao & Miguel Baiano

Miguel could not move and Caio Carioca took advantage of it. The two black men fuck like crazy.

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Dream Job

In his first day working as janitor in a public restroom, Artur fucks with three hung guys.

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Truck Drivers

Two truck drivers meet in a restroom, talk a little, drink a beer and finally go to a motel.

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Brenno Dotado solo

Brenno was born in Bahia, is 35 and lives in Sao Paulo. He says his cock is not so big.

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Vincezzo & Coutinho in a restroom

Vincezzo is impressed by the big cock of the guy pissing right next to him. They fuck bareback.

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Only hung guys bareback

Three scenes with hung guys: Mayrom, Flavio, newbie Pitter and Maverson.

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Apollo & Davi bareback

Apollo is full of fetishes this year. He fucks bareback and Davi pisses on him.

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Two Cariocas

Two solo videos. Fabio is 26 and Bob Johnson is 28. They both are from Rio de Janeiro.

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Diamante & Max

Two cariocas. Diamante is 26 and loves to play soccer. Max is our new model and is only 22.

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Perseu Dotado

He is from Rio de Janeiro, 35 y/o and has a big cock. He is thinking about making gay movies.

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Pistolinha Solo

He is 25 y/o and 4 feet tall. Well hung, a very nice guy and a national porn star.

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Miguel Silva Solo

Miguel is from Fortaleza, is 27 years old and gogo dancer in Sao Paulo. He shoots a very good load.

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Miguel Silva

He is gogo dancer, 27 years old, was born in Fortaleza and lives in Sao Paulo at the moment.

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David & Mayk

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Saad & Gilzao

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Gustavo & Fael

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Ronny & Anthony

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The Guard 4

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Amateur 1

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The Toy 1 (Episode 1: The Detectives)

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In the Bar

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Public Toilet 2

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Blake Brother

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Nurse & Patient

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Big Dicks 1

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Hung Dende

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Iago Baiano

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Nando Goiano

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Brian Mineiro

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Yan Mineiro

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Nelson & Daniel

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Fernandinho is back

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Filipe Baiano in Salvador

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Fernando Mineiro

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Valter & Piter

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Jean Pierre & Pedro

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Being tricked - Part 2

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After the party

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Juninho Baiano