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Black Foursome

Black foursome only with hung guys. The two noobies are: Guto Pretin and Gabriel Paxxeco.

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Mago, Bruno & Tom

It's summer and three friends rent a house with a pool in the countryside to fuck under the sun

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Maverson, Lucca & Gui

Maverson invites his friends Gui Pollaco and newbie Lucca Moura for a threesome by the pool.

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Black Boys

Four black boys fuck by the pool under the heat of the Summer. Big cocks and nice cumshots.

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Marreta lives in Rio de Janeiro and is 39. He is back to show everything this time.

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Mayrom & Davi Lobo

Davi and hung Mayrom fuck bareback by the pool. Mayrom was rimmed and loved it.

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Sunday with six blacks

Six black guys full of testosterone fuck bareback in a house in the countryside. Two are newbies.

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Magno & Lucao

Perfect bareback scene with Magno and newbie Lucao, 22 y/o and soccer player from Sao Paulo.

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The Interview

Three scenes with Artur. He fucks bareback with Viktor Rom, Mayrom and finally with Diego Moreno.

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Threesome by the pool

The hung boys Mayron and Renan fuck Vincezzo by the pool. It is summertime in MundoMais.

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Photo shoot with three hot guys from different regions of Brazil. Antonio, Ivan and Miguel.

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Talles & Diego

Diego Moreno fucks the newbie Talles, 34 years old from Sao Paulo. The scene is by a pool.

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Summer Stories: Giovani

Giovani tells us two stories that happened during a summer: with Dandan and JC.

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Breno, Daniel and Louis

Daniel Carioca and Breno are at the pool and get horny right when Louis arrives.

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Summer Rain

Gilzao fucks Artur bareback under a heavy summer rain. Spectacular cumshot at the end.

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Gilzao & Gustavo

Gilzao is from the North of Brazil, has a sexy accent and a fat cock that only Gustavo could handle.

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This November we celebrate 11 years online and decided to bring 11 black guys together.

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Summer in the pool

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Karl & Fernando

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Scary Camping 3

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Scary Camping 1

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Bento & Marcelo

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Junior Baiano

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Yan Mineiro

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