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Veteran's Threesome

We have joined three versatile veterans that gave us a nice fuck show.

41 min 40K
Paper Collector 2

Claudiney and Anthony are paper collectors. Tulio and Carmona have a fetish for these kind of guys.

47 min 79K
Foursome with the newbies

Three of April's new actors come back in this foursome with Romulo Ferrari.

36 min 52K
In the restaurant

Paulo and Theus go to the restroom to fuck, but get caught by Caio, who forces them to fuck him.

28 min 47K
Room for couple (w/o kids)

Lenin is a landlord and a gay couple is moving in. He begins to have fantasies with his tenants.

36 min 58K
Truck Driver

PC is 33 years old and truck driver. He made this oral scene with Lenin.

38 min 100K
Guino & Kaio Anjo

Guino made a photo shoot last month. Kaio is 32 and lives in Rio. This is their first scene.

23 min 55K
Augusto & Mayrom

The two masons meet at the locker room, have an argument about work and then fuck bareback.

17 min 41K
Hidden Camera

Deel, Claudiney and James are friends with benefits. They begin to fuck and then Danilo joins them.

31 min 61K
Henry, Caio and Ralph

Henry and Caio hired a guy to fix a few things in the house. They find a way to have sex with him.

33 min 55K

He was born in the Northeast of Brazil and now lives in Sao Paulo. Our Uber gave him a little help.

10 min 51K
After the domino game

After playing a domino game, they make a nice threesome. Sandwich and big cumshots.

41 min 67K
Black Foursome

Four black guys get together and fuck bareback. Paulo Franco, Marlon Carioca, Biel Silva and Blayde.

30 min 59K
Davi los Santos

He is 20, lives in Salvador and has a 19cm cock. He always has massive cumshots when he jerks off.

11 min 60K
Carnival is on

Two scenes. In the first one, flip-flop with Serginho and Luciano. Then Serginho fucks Henrique.

37 min 55K
The curtain

Muryllo wants to change his curtains. Thales comes in to make the service and they end up fucking.

23 min 47K
Giovani & Renan

Giovani and Renan have a perfect match and their chemistry is perfect. They fuck bareback.

22 min 53K
Summer Foursome

First they just wanted to fuck Marcelo, but then it all got off control and everything happened.

28 min 53K
Maintenance Workers 6

These maintenance guys are so nasty that they fuck during work. Bareback scene with Lenin.

42 min 70K
Wolf, Perseu & Fernando

It is Summer in Brazil. Wolf and Perseu are top and hung. They fuck Fernando by the pool.

33 min 56K
Christmas Present

Tom Black gives Deel a special Christmas present: hung Paulo Franco. Then Paulo fucks Nano.

32 min 58K
Diego, Gabriel & Caio

Caio Vermont is bottom, Diego is top and newbie Gabriel Troiano is versatile.

23 min 54K
Giovani, Gui & Alek

Giovani is in a hotel room and invites two other guys to fuck: Gui Pollaco and Alek Carvalho.

36 min 42K
Rodrigues & Brayner

Rodrigues is from Rio de Janeiro and is 25 y/o. Brayner is from Colombia and is 23 y/o.

11 min 50K
Maverson, Lucca & Gui

Maverson invites his friends Gui Pollaco and newbie Lucca Moura for a threesome by the pool.

30 min 55K
The Ring

Three scenes with Renan, Anthony and Muryllo. It all goes around a forgotten wedding ring.

42 min 55K
Henrique Martins

Henrique was born in Curitiba, is 27 and now lives in Sao Paulo. He is hung and has a nice body.

12 min 67K
Black Boys

Four black boys fuck by the pool under the heat of the Summer. Big cocks and nice cumshots.

35 min 59K
Pietro & Paulo

They are from Bahia and married in real life. They make a photo shoot and fuck bareback.

18 min 57K
Daniel Carioca, Jeff Carvalho & Nego Lu

Daniel Carioca fucks with Nego Lu and Jeff Carvalho bareback. Nice and massive cumshots.

32 min 81K
Soccer Players

Ten soccer players go to the locker room after a match and begin to fuck wildly. Bareback scene.

51 min 95K
Cover Boys

Greg Gobatto bottoms for two men in ties. Tulio Xavier gives a massive cumshot at the end.

46 min 64K
William Castro & Lucao

Two masons are finishing a job and then begin to talk about sex. Remake of Nelson and Jardel scene.

39 min 102K
Mayrom & Danilo

Danilo shows Mayrom this place they call The Slaughterhouse, an abandoned house where they can fuck.

19 min 55K
On Fire

Three friends set a fire pit to get warm and end up fucking right there bareback.

20 min 53K
Paulo Franco

Paulo was born in Bahia and now lives in Sao Paulo. He is 29 and has a big cock.

8 min 36K
Maintenance Workers 5

Renan and Rogerio are the maintenance guys of a hotel. Rogerio bottoms for the first time.

25 min 54K
Gui, Yago & Wolf

Yago fucks Gui bareback. When Gui gets home, he also fucks with his roommate Wolf.

25 min 59K
Guilherme & Brenno Dotado

They fucked like animals. Guilherme went totally crazy when he saw Brenno's huge and fat cock.

26 min 74K
The Slaughterhouse 2

Augusto goes to the Slaughterhouse to fuck. First with Alvaro, then Muryllo and finally with Lenin.

35 min 70K
Kildrian & Luiz Carlos

Kildrian loves to get fisted and Luiz Carlos came all the way from Rio de Janeiro with his big cock.

22 min 56K
Threesome at the hostel

As soon as they arrive at the hostel, they begin to fuck. Double penetration and a lot of cum.

33 min 71K
Carmona, Rafael & Giovani

These three guys are hung, hot and nasty. They suck one another and give us massive cumshots.

21 min 58K

The three of them live (and love) together. When it comes to sex, everything may happen.

37 min 75K
Maverson & Marcelo

Maverson and Marcello always wanted to make a scene together. They fuck bareback.

17 min 55K
The Slaughterhouse

Serginho and Lucas are top, but when they decide to fuck, they always find a way to make it work.

30 min 62K
Jose, Daniel & Thiago

Jose, Daniel Carioca and Thiago spend a whole afternoon fucking wildly. Bareback!

26 min 65K
Cleaning Service Guys

Hung Brenno fucks Anthony and newbie Gabriel during work. They are from the cleaning service.

30 min 69K
Dream Job

In his first day working as janitor in a public restroom, Artur fucks with three hung guys.

38 min 95K
Sex with six boys

Three tops, two bottoms and one versatile. Six nasty boys fuck bareback.

38 min 68K
Renan & Davi

Renan broke up with Davi, but has regretted it and always remembers how it was good to fuck him.

27 min 55K
Twink Couple

They are from Joao Pessoa, state of Paraiba. Guto is 28 (top) and Patrick is 21. They fuck bareback.

23 min 50K
Perseu Dotado & Caio Ferraz

Caio Ferraz doesn't resist when he sees his friend Perseu taking a piss on the wall.

26 min 61K
Mayrom, Gabriel & Vagner

Mayrom fucks Vagner Marinho and then makes a flip-flop with Gabriel Fortuna bareback.

42 min 68K
Giovani & Douglas Machado

Douglas is the newbie, 31 y/o from Sao Paulo. He fucks Giovani bareback.

23 min 72K
Giovani & Ander

Ander only enjoys hardcore sex. Giovani fucks him bareback and fist him.

22 min 50K
Three scenes with Anthony

Anthony fucks with Daniel Carioca, Dieguinho and Junior Coah in a cruising bar.

47 min 66K
Hung Cousins

Lucas invited a guy from a gay app to his apartment and the guy brought his hung cousin.

30 min 104K
Henry & Thomas in the park

Henry takes his partner Thomas to a nice and quiet place. They fuck with nature all around.

33 min 52K
Things went bad